Danny Green

2nd NBA Title Is the Sweetest

… Sorry San Antonio!!!

6/19/2019 2:06 PM PDT


Toronto Raptors guard Danny Green might piss off a couple different groups with what he just said to our cameras and it all has to do with Kawhi Leonard and their two shared NBA titles.

First off, he said definitively that Kawhi is the best player in the NBA, so all the LeBron, Durant, Giannis, and Harden fans are BIG MAD right now.

Secondly, our guy asked Danny in NYC which NBA title felt better — his 2014 run with the San Antonio Spurs (Kawhi was there for that one too) or the one he just scored with the Toronto Raptors.

“This one, 2019 for sure.”

Now, if you’re in San Antonio, you’re prolly HUGE MAD right now, because Danny just said the ring he one with you guys is like Robin, Garfunkel, Oates, and Watson … famously second fiddle.

Or, maybe none of you are mad at all … but what fun would that be???