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Yoga can be a hard activity for beginners to get into, because it takes some courage to turn up to a group class when you’re pretty sure you’ll be the least proficient there. Although our advice is not to worry about that – everyone was a beginner sometime – a yoga app can be a useful way to gain some knowledge of the practice before you do it in front of others.

It’s not just beginners who can benefit from downloading a yoga app, either. All levels are catered for among the extensive range of apps out there, which can provide a flow to follow whenever you have a spare moment. Here are our top five recommendations.

Pocket Yoga

There are 27 routines to follow on this app, which uses an animated figure to guide you through the poses. One handy feature is that you can play your own music through the app, rather than having to listen to the relaxing zen-by-numbers soundtrack that accompanies most routines in yoga apps. Even better is the library of over 200 yoga poses you can use any time to better your understanding on the correct posture.

Download from App Store and Google Play | App Store £2.99, Google Play £2.51

Yoga For Beginners

A free and really simple app that contains 15 short yoga routines that are rated by difficulty and how many calories they burn. There are several great options for beginners, as you’d expect from the name of the app, and all the routines are under 15 minutes long, so you can fit one in to even the busiest of days.

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free


The Fiit app contains video workouts divided up into three sections: Cardio, Strength and Rebalance. In the latter you’ll find a host of great yoga routines led by well-known instructors like Cat Meffan. The routines are rated by difficulty and you can choose between 25- and 45-minute long sessions.

Download from App Store | Free, premium £45 a quarter, £120 a year | FIIT review

Yoga Studio

The Essentials collection of classes in this premium app is a great way to get into the practice, with ten beginner classes, 11 intermediate and nine advanced. The app also has dedicated sections covering yoga for back pain, mental health and runners, as well as prenatal yoga. And if you’re looking to get into meditation alongside yoga, there are guided sessions for that as well.

Download from App Store and Google Play | £9.99 a month, £95.99 a year

Daily Yoga

There are over 200 yoga, Pilates, meditation and workout classes on this app and more than 50 workout plans, which are designed around overarching goals like losing weight, staying healthy or getting into yoga. A limited selection of classes are available for free, but to get access to the training plans and all the sessions you’ll need a premium subscription.

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, premium £18.49 a month, £66.99 a year

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