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Hello VIP user,

Thanks for visiting the site. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use, Private Policy and Disclaimer. These include what is permissible and what is not. For example, DO NOT video-chat with people you've just met online, you don't know their intentions. Obviously, DO NOT offer to meet them in private off the site.

We are not an advertising agency. Our social/dating/career networking platform is just meant for that social/dating/career networking. No ads. No intrusion. No nonsense!

As you will notice, we are not using external or internal ads to power your experience. Therefore, some of the features have been made to be accessed only by paid members. And frankly, the fees are affordable - almost free.

All features are free except: BioRythm, 3D City, 3D Chat and IM. And the rest is FREE.

Thanks for choosing Baobab.



Here are some pieces of advice that can help us to save our time. The author of the article notes we don't have free time because we don't have a strategy for it. And this is true, because when you try to plan your time, you really get some free minutes left.