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How it works

Hello Baobab User,

Read this short blog entirely in less than 2 minutes.

Your profile should look like this: Your Profile after adjusting your options with the widgets.

Why Baobab instead of Facebook or Other networks:

1. Your data is safe and NOT shared with government.
2. Privacy is assured - We don't ask for your social security or government ID. We don't need personal data
3. Play Games, Date, Network or Get a Job
4. Advertise your own stuffs for sale
5. Dividend Sharing from the network

Network on Baobab, meet the people that will matter in your life and get paid as you do so. That's the mission of this platform...if you stop reading here.


Welcome to Baobab, a Social Revenue Sharing Network. Just like with many online video platforms, you will get paid for views, uploading a video, posting something, blogging and inviting friends to join. In our case, you are just doing what you do on other social media sites but here, getting paid for it. And that’s our vision here at Baobab – users get paid for fueling our growth! How great is that!

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Your profile should look like this: Your Profile

To get your profile as on the above link, click on "Widgets" below the middle menu options, and select how you wish your widgets to appear and drag them to whichever position suits you. Each time you log in, they will be in the same position. And the complete your profile, start meeting people for real connections. Remember, you are here to meet real people...Go!

Every time, you load our site in your browser, expect to be paid!

1. Ensure your sign-up email address is associated with Paypal or another payment gateway.

2. For everyone that signs up, earn 5 credits

3. Fill out your profile completely and start posting and inviting people to join – 0.5 credits

4. For every post, blog article, image, picture, video that you post on your profile you get 0.05 credits

5. Log into your account at least twice per week

6. Invite 3 people and when they sign up, 1 credit

Your profile should look like this after choosing your widgets:

Your Profile

Once we start passing ads through the platform, your accumulated credits will be converted to money according to a soon to be published formula and sent to you via your sign-up email address payment gateway or paypal which is currently the most convenient way to transfer funds worldwide.

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Thanks for joining

Baobab Staff

Let's begin now.

Fill out your Free profile

Fill out some basic information about yourself, upload your photo, and write an attention-grabbing headline and essay. Now other members will be able to e-mail you. This is absolutely free - you don't need to pay anything.

Search the site or post, blog...etc and earn credits

Once inside the site, you can search our database whoever you want to meet. Search by location, age, interests, and other personal preferences. Show Interest in other members by just clicking a button. All of this is free.

Connect when you are ready

When you decide that you are ready for more personal contact, simply upgrade to a VIP Premium Membership and communicate with other of members via IM, 3D City, 3D Chat or VideoChat.

VIP Premium Membership fees range in price but can get as low as 25 cents a day- we think it's a small price to pay for real networking with real people or to find love, make a connection with other people or for career networking.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy - post something and invite friends