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Crowdlending, an alternative way to raise capital using online platforms, has seen at least double-digit year-to-year growth in the past few years.  Private investors receive a Return on Investment.


Learn about Crowdlending, one of the verticals most disruptive to the established financial services ecosystem, which has great potential to exponentially increase volumes in the past 3 to 5 years.


Help someone out – earn an interest on your crowdfunding loan. Your loan is a short-term, small-principal loan that is usually repaid within less than 20 days. Any extension gets you more interest.


Learn about the mechanisms of Crowdlending, plus its participants, risks and rewards, as you evaluate the opportunities and threats it represents to sources of capital and competition for investors.

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One of the biggest hurdle is finding funding for startups, businesses or projects. It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure bank loans or venture capital. More and more entrepreneurs are thus turning to crowdfunding, where money is raised in smaller amounts from multiple backers and equity is not lost. This not only helps new businesses survive, it also helps them explore consumer acceptance. A new trend is crowdlending, where entrepreneurs and anybody, in general, can raise funds from small loans from multiple backers. CrowdPress now offers a crowdlending platform. Go ahead. Try it.

Puerto Rico – We ...
by Humanity Projects

Puerto Rico – We are with you, all the way. Send a strong message. Tell Puerto Rico: We support you. We ...

United States, Pittsburgh

  • 61%funded
  • $100,000target
  • 12 days to go
Stop Selling Fur
by Humanity Projects

Shocking eyewitness photographs and video shot on fur farms in western Finland by an animal rights group revea...

United States, Pittsburgh

  • 1%funded
  • $100,000target
  • 283 days to go
Japanese Pigeon Shoes
by Ty Nyblade

A Nice birthday gift for your wife/girlfriend/daughter A Pair Of Wearable Pigeons That Allow You To Be A Part ...

United States, Miami

  • 1%funded
  • $25,000target
  • 90 days to go
Aerial Companion Drone
by John Peters

The best way for your child to grow up. Growing up is now fun.  State of Assembly:Ready-to-Go Type:Helicopter ...

United States, Portland

  • 9%funded
  • $10,000target
  • 40 days to go
Sponsor a classroom to ...
by Jones Alexis

Please sponsor a Grade 10 class to the mini festival this Autumn The 2017 editions of Coachella, Stagecoach, U...

United States, Philadelphia

  • 1%funded
  • $10,000target
  • 41 days to go
Future Rockstar Wallet
by Jones Alexis

Vintage Designer 100% Genuine Masculin Cowhide Leather Men Short Wallet Purse Card Holder Coin Pocket Male Wal...

United States, Philadelphia

  • 116%funded
  • $45,000target
  • Ended Successful
Save the Wildlife
by Rick Parrot

Save the Wildlife Illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking is the fourth largest transnational crime behind w...

United States, Houston

  • 73%funded
  • $25,000target
  • 74 days to go
Let’s use the win...
by Humanity Projects

Let’s use the wind for energy needs. Stop destroying our planet The signs of global warming are everywhe...

United States, Pittsburgh

  • 25%funded
  • $500,000target
  • 1007 days to go
Sponsor a water project
by Humanity Projects

Sponsor a water project We believe that one of the greatest differences we can make in Africa is in providing ...

United States, Pittsburgh

  • 148%funded
  • $36,000target
  • 605 days to go
Help a Child in the Con...
by Humanity Projects

Greatest health threats Fewer than a quarter of people have proper sanitation facilities and fewer than half a...

United States, Pittsburgh

  • 39%funded
  • $50,000target
  • 540 days to go
by Rick Parrot

By Rick Parrot You won’t find a bigger supporter of Hillary Clinton than me. Sure, I stumped for Barack Obama ...

United States, Houston

  • 168%funded
  • $15,000target
  • Ended Successful
American Sleazeball: Th...
by Sean Sucilio

Bizarre. Absurd. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. Trump. This can’t go on much longer, can it? In the past, the natio...

United States, Denver

  • 55%funded
  • $100,000target
  • 187 days to go

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