Get people to donate


Get people to donate

How can I get people to donate?

You can have the best idea in the world, but what happens if no one ever sees it?

That’s the big question with crowdfunding campaigns. The good news is that it’s entirely possible to run a successful PR campaign for your project.

Here’s a list of proven PR tactics and strategies for your campaign!

Hire a small agency that focuses on pre-seed startups. I recommend Kristen Tischauser of TalkTechCOMM. She is amazing, as is her partner Rebekah. Tell them I sent you :). The reason they are good is because they have relationships with journalists who are used to covering startups that do not have a product yet. That’s very important.

Go viral. Forget the press release and instead make some viral videos and share them on your social media channels. This doesn’t always work, but when it does, it really works!

Promote content on social media. Look at using your PR budget to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Build campaigns around certain audiences with Facebook’s ad campaign builder. And don’t forget about Instagram either.

Engage influencers. This is another great alternative to a PR agency. Use your PR budget to engage influencers on blogs and social media. Focus on the small to mid tier bloggers, social media influencers and You-Tubers. You don’t want the big influencers because they are too expensive. It’s better to have a dozen mid-sized influencers than one big one.

SECRET TIP: Ask influencers for help before the campaign. No one ever does this and it boggles my mind. Reach out to influencers before your campaign and get them involved in the process of building the campaign. If you find a passionate person in your niche, ask them to give you ideas on how to market your campaign or what page copy might produce the most conversions. Some influencers are great people and will want to help you out.

Do your homework. Research the best campaigns that have a similar product or audience as your idea. Study what they did, and their timing. Did they do any stretch goals? Did they send out any email blasts mid-way through?

Schedule out your whole campaign. You should outline each action you want to take during your campaign. The reason is because it’s too crazy to figure it out while you’re campaign is happening. Schedule your tweets, email blasts, influencer outreach and facebook ad campaigns before you start.

Use Email. When you launch your campaign, add your contributors to your mailchimp account so you can email them through the campaign.

Use the power of referral. Turn your backers into salespeople by giving them an affiliate code. Indiegogo makes this easy with a built in affiliate tool.

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