Crowdfunding Campaigns Criminals: Beware


Crowdfunding Campaigns Criminals: Beware

Crowdfunding Campaigns Criminals

A marketing and advertising company that claims to drive backers to your CrowdPress campaign through targeted Facebook Advertising and social media marketing. PR Kick is also another partner and they are run by the same people. They are real people behind the company, will email, call and respond to you. But, they provide no proof that you can see live of the work they do and have set up automated messages that they send to pretend that they’re actually doing the work. What they are actually doing is sending photo-shopped screenshots of the Ad.

All positive reviews online are fake and possibly coming from their own team. They take the money and then pretend they are posting places sending automated messages of different links where none provide any proof. And when you complain they post on a few non-active pages to show you “proof”.

The biggest problem is this: You pay them with an “Investment” of money for advertising to drive backers with a deceiving ROI guarantee mentioned multiple times on the website to psychologically make you feel like it’s risk free. And they tell you they will drive backers because they target the people in your niche as well as previous super backers. They seem friendly on the phone, confident and responsive. But, that is a big lie, at the end of my campaign, 5 days after the campaign was over they send me an email saying that even though their ad budget is over now they will still be doing organic social media promotions to “get the word out”. Hello?! The campaign is over… Thanks for noticing.

Everything is mostly automated until you complain; then they either not reply or reply trying to “prove” they are doing work with terrible links that have no engagement, and give excuses about that the ad cannot be seen because it is not on any pages, and give other excuses such as the Facebook groups they posted in will take time to approve their post. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE! Deeply dislike this company and all these workers who are just ripping people off through their well-studied, smart tactics of deceiving. They’re pretty darn good at covering the fact they don’t really put efforts into actually advertising your campaign.

So, result is: they drive ZERO backers to your campaign. Not even one.

DO NOT involve yourself with ANY of their services!

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