25 pre-launch startup strategies to skyrocket your startup growth


25 pre-launch startup strategies to skyrocket your startup growth

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25 Pre-Launch strategies that have worked wonders for many start-ups and can be effectively used to create a hype for your service or product.

1. Create a Pre-Launch page

Even before you launch your product or service into the market, you must create a pre-launch page for it. You can urge the users visiting your page to join you and refer their friends to join you for simple rewards like a free trial of your product or maybe some freebies. By doing all this, you can easily create a hype and get pre signups for your service/product.

2. Build Relationships

Use your friends circle or maybe the influential people you know to refer you and your product on the social and professional platforms. Target magazines and reporters who might like your story and sell yourself in order to create a hype before your startup is launched.

3. Create Urgency

By making people feel that your product is important, you can make them pre signup quite easily. Create a wait-in-line system telling them that these many people are ahead of them for getting their sign up approved. In such a way, a person will feel that he should get in line too in order to grab the opportunity.

4. Create engaging content

Bill Gates once said, “Content is King”. This holds true even today. Engaging content is a powerful tool and you must create relevant and valuable content in order to market your product well before its launch. Keep people engaged to your social media pages in order to make sure that they check out your app/product when it is launched and you get the sales soaring in from day one.

5. Share

Creating content and posting it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN would get you the initial traction. For a more effective approach, you must share the content you create on every platform multiple times. Also, share your pre-launch page and website address and show people the value of your product to generate pre-signups for your service.

6. Blogging

Blogs can be a great way to create awareness about the product. You must create a blog well in advance and make sure that the content you’re sharing pertains to the targeted market and audience. By creating readers for your blog, you can easily ensure that your product/app has potential users even before you market it.

7. Email

Never neglect the power of a successful email campaign. Build a mail list according to the targeted market and start mailing them about your services. Attach some tempting offers like pre-signup bonus etc., in order to gain followers even before you start.

8. Sneak Peek

Offer sneak peeks of your product/service/app and show the people what it is all about. Showing screenshots and intelligently created videos will give them some idea while creating an enigma. Such a strategy will probably get your thousands of pre-signups as people will be curious to check out the real deal.

9. YouTube Channel

Create videos relating your products and their uses. If it is an app, show the tutorials about how the app will make the life of its users easy. YouTube channels are a great way to market your product and if your videos are engaging, you will surely have people interested to try out your service when it comes.

10. Competitions

A great way to engage people is to hold competitions that offers early access, paid access or the product itself as the prize. If your product is deemed as desirable by the people, they will surely compete for it and even tell their friends about it.

11. Use your email signature

Apart from Email Marketing, you can also use the signup link in the signature of your normal emails that you send to people. This may not generate much, but for a startup, every signup counts.

12. Guest Posting

Apart from running your own blog, you can use your expertise in order to write for other popular platforms. Guest posting will give you backlinks to your own site and you will generate awareness about your product.

13. Flyers/Posters

Digital marketing is not everything, you must also have a real world strategy in mind. Flyers/posters are perhaps the cheapest way around and you can deliver them in the locations where the chances of your targeted audience being present is high.

14. Newspaper Ads

Newspaper might have lost a lot of significance thanks to the internet, but ignoring it is certainly unhealthy. There are millions of people who read newspapers daily and if you want to get noticed, then perhaps you should spend a little money on newspaper advertisements and gain traction.

15. Framing Approach

While you create the marketing content for your product, always make sure that you frame it as if the user is going to gain a lot from it. Framing is one of the growth hacking tools that works every single time and it will make sure your product is accepted by the people.

16. Employ other growth hacking techniques

Growth hacking is a low cost marketing approach that can be of great help to a startup. By spending some time doing growth hacking, you can easily create awareness about your products and get people interested even before you launch it.

17. The Party Approach

Think of your product/service launch as a party. Now, do what all you would do to make a party memorable and all those tricks can be effectively applied while preparing the launch of your product too.

18. The countdown

You pre-launch page can have a countdown that tells the people exactly when the product is going to be launched. It creates a sense of urgency in their minds and acts as a great tool to market your product.

19. Scarcity Approach

By telling the people that access to your product is limited, you create a scarcity effect. In this way, people who visit your website will surely sign up as they won’t want to be left out later.

20. Slideshare

Slideshare is a great tool that can visually present the idea of your product to the people. Apart from making compelling content, you must also spend some time creating visual content to gain more followers.

21. Events

Real world events can be a great way to engage with people. You can throw parties or maybe a simple socializing event and call some influential people from your list to make an impact even before the product is in market.

22. Traditional CPC/CPA Marketing

The traditional digital marketing techniques still work. You can use them to increase the traffic to your pre-launch page/website and in this way, more and more people will get to know about your product. However, this method will cost you some money so be cautious.

23. Crowdfunding

Many startups are using crowdfunding techniques to raise funds and see if their product is soliciting enough response from the people. By using this method, you might even be able to outsource your marketing funds.

24. Beta Testers

If you’re launching an app, then beta testers can be great assets to you. By allowing a limited beta testing, you can make your testers feel important and their word-to-word marketing and social groups can be exploited to your advantage in the pre-launch stages.

25. Throw a launch party

if your budget allows it, it’s a great way to throw a launch party for your app/product. By doing so, you will make the news and also posting the happenings from the party to your social media circle will certainly get the buzz running.

Thus, by following all or some of these tips, you can really make sure that your product is a hit even before it hits the shelves.

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