Pricing & Fees Breakdown

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There are two components of the fee – the fee that CrowdPress charges the campaign, and the fee that WePay charges. CrowdPress has no control over creditcard processing companies’ fees structure, however, from time to time, CrowdPress may run promotions decreasing our fee structure.

Our users can pay up for their campaigns in three ways:

CrowdPress charges 0.99% per non-profit crowdfunding campaigns.

CrowdPress charges 1.99% per commercial crowdfunding/crowdlending campaigns.

Alternatively, CrowdPress charges a one-time 99$ fee per campaign, including a Press Release. 

Paypal, Stripe or WePay charge campaigns in the United States and Canada around 2.9% plus a $.30/transaction fee.

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Open a crowdlending account

Why use CrowdPress?

  • We aim to be the lowest Fees Available in Crowdfunding.
  • All associated fees are taken out before the fundraising campaign managers collect their funds, so you never have to worry about paying either of these payments.
  • Your donors do not pay any extra fees.
  • We have a telephone for support.
  • You can withdraw your funds any time, just tell us first.

At 1.99%, we offer the lowest transaction fees of all crowdfunding platforms. Take a look at some of our competitors fees below:

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Fund by cell – 3.99%
Rally – 5%
Indiegogo – 5%
GoFundme – 5%
Kickstarter – 5%


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