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Please sponsor a Grade 10 class to the mini festival this Autumn

The 2017 editions of Coachella, Stagecoach, Ultra, and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival are all officially in the rearview. We’ve got so many amazing memories from each festival (and we’re sure you do too!), but the fact is that the summer festival season has just begun.

With so many opportunities to follow your favorite artists as they play unforgettable sets in iconic venues, urban city centers and beautiful outdoor locations, it can be tough to plan out where and when it’s all happening. Allow us to lend a helping hand, and take a look at our 17 best-bet festivals for making all of your “I was there” memories this summer.



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    Reward - Sponsor a classroom of 10 students

  • Irene
    Reward - Sponsor a classroom of 10 students