American Sleazeball: The Inconvenient Truths

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Bizarre. Absurd. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. Trump.

This can’t go on much longer, can it? In the past, the nation has had do-nothing Presidencies, and scandal-ridden Presidencies, and failed Presidencies, but until Donald J. Trump came along there hasn’t been a truly embarrassing Presidency. Trump himself looks out of place (that squinty-eyed frown, meant to bespeak firmness, or serious purpose, doesn’t succeed), and it’s easy to understand why he looks that way. He’s living a bachelor’s life in an unfamiliar house, in a so-so neighborhood far from his home town, surrounded by strangers who have been hired to protect him but cut him off from any sort of real privacy. His daughter Ivanka is close by, in the Kalorama neighborhood, but she has her own life to live, and her own problems—most recently, Nordstrom’s decision to stop carrying her fashion brand. His wife, Melania, is two hundred miles away, in Trump Tower; for the time being, according to the family’s public statements, she’s there to look after her son, Barron, who’s finishing the school year in familiar surroundings.

In terms of politics itself, a member of Trump’s team says their boss bears no responsibility for the embarrassing loss because McConnell was in charge of putting together a Senate package. “This was McConnell’s deal,” said a White House official when asked what went wrong. After McConnell conceded Monday night that he did not have enough votes to pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill, he suffered another defeat Tuesday when GOP colleagues quickly smacked down his backup plan: pass the ObamaCare repeal-only bill that cleared the Senate and House in 2015.

In this book, you will discover:

  1. Are you ashamed?
  2. What drives Trump!
  3. The Pathology of entitlement
  4. Inconvenient Truths
  5. Is Trump right?
  6. Why do Liberals hate him?
  7. Will he deliver on his promises?
  8. Does race still matter?
  9. The Future of America
  10. From now on

And more.



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