Stay motivated!

Perspective – #1

1. Set a  goal

the trick here is to visualize the goal down to its most minute detail. Feel it, see it. Imagine the end result: when you clear your exam, marry the person you love, win in an Olympic race, get your dream job etc. This will help in establishing a connect with your goal.

2. Short-term goals

Start with simple short-term goals and then progress to longer range goals. Remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up if your goals are too ambitious.
Neuroscience tells us that each small success triggers the brain’s reward centre, releasing feel good chemical dopamine. This helps focus our concentration and motivates to take another similar step.

3. Track your progress

It’s easy to get lost nowadays among all the temptations we have accumulated around us. The best way to stay on track is to keep up with your goals by maintaining weekly checkpoints.
If you see that you are on track or even excelling every time you check your progress, you will be motivated and happy that you are getting there. If you see that you are lagging on your goals, it may be the reminder you need to help get you back on track.


Perspective – #2

1. Dedicate 1 hour a day to personal growth 

I truly believe personal growth and mastery are critical to motivating ourselves. When you grow as a person, you’ll feel a huge sense of pride in each accomplishment that you achieve. You’ll also grow more confident in yourself and the momentum of success will push you forward to grow even further.

So spend 1 hour a day focusing on personal growth. Can’t dedicate 1 hour?  Start with 30 minutes. Can’t do 30 minutes? Start with 15.

Have a desire to be good at content marketing? Read amazing bloggers like Seth Godin and learn from the best. Want to learn about business development? Reach out to a connection on LinkedIn who’s in that role today and ask for a mentorship meeting. Want to deliver amazing speeches? Watch Youtube videos showcasing Tony Robbins and then practice delivering speeches in the mirror. Want to be funnier? Take an improvement class.

Push yourself to grow.  When you do, you’ll be motivated to continue the journey forward.

2. Spend time with people who are highly motivated

One of my good friends, Steve, is really great at continually challenging me. After I ran into a crisis at our last company that we co-founded, a part of me wanted to shut the company down. Steve immediately asked me a series of very thoughtful questions. He asked me what I wanted to achieve in life. He asked me what my goals were. He asked me what my deepest fears were. After a long talk, I realized that I wanted to continue onward. Steve helped me recognize that my ambitions far outweighed my fears. It’s incredible how one simple conversation with a friend completely changed my personal trajectory. Energy is contagious. Spend time with people that raise your game.

3. Pick a mission that matters

I’m not here to dictate what mission is worthy of your time. Everyone has a different view on what’s important. What I am here to tell you is that it’s really important that you 100% believe in your mission. Because if you lack that conviction, you won’t be able to sustain your motivation over the long term. For example, one of my most popular iPhone apps was an app that focused on giving people new hairstyles to try on. I actually built it for fun and because my mom thought it would be a good idea. The problem was that I didn’t 100% believe in the mission. And while the app started off strong (it hit the top 15 in entertainment), downloads decelerated very quickly and my passion for it did as well.


Perspective – #3

So here’s the lesson I learned from that: Find a mission that matters. It’s critical in keeping you going.

1. Get active

Need a quick boost of motivation?  Getting active helps a lot.

Try any of these activities:

  • Sing your favorite song out loud like it’s Karaoke night.
  • Dance like no one’s watching (Need inspiration? Go watch a music video!).
  • Go for a quick run (the endorphins will get you going!).
  • Yoga (Not only will it get a sweat going, it’ll help to clear your mind. Just make sure you stretch.)

2. Make a deal with a friend

Accountability is critical. If you have a goal set, involve a friend. Often times, when I have a weekly goal, I’ll share that with a friend and ask him/her to share his/her goal as well. Then we’ll meet in a week to check in to see how it went. Knowing that I have a face to face meeting with that friend on a Thursday at 6 PM helps me to stay on track with that goal. Let’s face it, most of us have some ounce of pride we’d like to preserve!

3. Embrace change

Change is inevitable. Instead of worrying or complaining about it, view it as an opportunity to do something amazing. When I first started my blog, I had planned to write about how to build an online business. However, after a few posts, I quickly ran out of steam and didn’t enjoy writing anymore. That’s when I knew I had to make a change. I had to write about something that I was truly passionate about and where I knew I could help others. I decided to write only about motivational topics and life hacks and would offer up a new article each week. Want to know what happened since that change?  My writing output increased dramatically and so did the quality. The results? Website traffic went up by 334% and my subscribers grew more than 8X month over month!

4. Have the time of your life

When you’re having a ton of fun, do you notice that your work suddenly doesn’t feel like work? It’s pretty amazing what a positive attitude and good vibes can do for you. Enjoy the moment. It’ll be easier to stay motivated that way.


Perspective – #4

Become more interesting.

Did your partner really like spending time with you talking on various exciting topics? Are you sure that you were the best conversationalist ever? Make sure to become one. Read a lot and broaden your knowledge in the spheres you have never been interested before.

Become smarter. 

Were all your judgments and actions smart enough? Are you sure you were the person who never talked and did stupid things? Make sure to become one. Reconsider your behavior and strive to start living your life in a smarter way.

Become more successful.

What is your biggest achievement? Is it worth being proud of? Make sure to aspire to attain something truly great. Set the bar high for yourself and strive to accomplish the things that are indeed worth talking about. Aspire to be successful. Let your achievements talk for yourself.

Become stronger. 

Does your body look great? Haven’t you forgotten where the gym is yet? Nobody likes people who are in a bad shape. That’s the cruel truth. However, you should embrace it. Make sure to get fit. Become determined, set a goal, and spend more time at the gym to make yourself love the way you look one day.

Master new skills.

Do you do something better than anybody else? Do you know something that makes you stand out from the crowd? Master some new skills that can provide you with a competitive advantage and become a truly outstanding person.


Perspective – #5

I have read 42 books.

I challenged myself to read one book per week. Up to date, I am in line with the schedule.

I got fit.

I have never loved how my body looked like.

I started writing.

Over the last 6 months, my voice has been featured on BBC, Inc, Business Insider, The Independent, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog and dozens of other outlets.

I joined Slice Planner

Last month we raised $117,522 on CrowdPress and now are looking forward to new achievements.

I changed my mindset. 

I reconsidered my values, my approach to the everyday issues, my interests, goals, and ambitions.


Perspective – #6

Brain Wash Yourself

Take an active role in brainwashing yourself. Listen to motivation videos while you walk, read books that inspire you, talk to people who are working toward their goals.

Count Down

“I will clean up my room in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” is simplest way to nuke procrastination.

Foot in the Door

When I don’t want to go the gym, I tell myself “I’ll only do one exercise,” this tricks my brain into getting my foot in the door. Once I do that one lift, I usually stick around and finish my work out.

Get a Mastermind Accountability-buddy

I meet once a week to discuss our goals and then we give each other a challenge to complete before our next meeting.

Get a Calendar and Keep Track of Your Chains

I draw an X on my calendar everyday I perform standup, my chain of X’s (Consecutive days) is now 326 days long.


Perspective – #7

Get Rid of Your TV

Tossed my TV three years ago and been so much happier since. I don’t want the reason I don’t accomplish my dreams to be because I watched too much television in my twenties.

Set up Computer For Efficiency

I’ve mentioned this in other answers, but a porn blocker and apps like self control will keep you from wasting time on your laptop.

Focus on the Action not the Result

Make a 1000 cold calls, email 100 people a day for a job, work out five times a week. Nothing needs to come of these things for you to feel successful, and that will make it easier for you to keep motivated.

Fewer Excuses

Every month get rid of an excuse that you use regularly, for example, this month I can’t use the excuse “I will do it tomorrow.” I’ve noticed the most motivated people use fewer excuses than most rest of us.

Realize That Motivation isn’t the Answer – Motivation is cool, but it’s fleeting. Focus on building a cluster of habits that will make you disciplined.

— The End —