With CrowdPress, my money can now work while I sleep. I used to look for ways to invest 100$, 200$ or 500$ in order to get a ROI on it in a short period of time…not after years…CrowdPress gives me the opportunity to do JUST that. You can try it.

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By keeping my money in a bank or checking account, it doesn’t work. People don’t get rich by saving money, they get rich by investing and reinvesting and having that money work for them on the stock market, in real estate while they sleep…Now with Crowdlending from CrowdPress, I can lend money to other people who are needy and get an interest on it, in 2 weeks, in a month…and/or reinvest it again…but wait, start slow…invest a little, build trust and confidence as your build your investment volume.

I went out of the military a few years ago and quickly found that civilian jobs do not pay half as much as the military. I manage to pay my bills but there are those months when I come up a bit short and need to put gas in my car and buy groceries or get an unexpected bill that needs to be paid immediately. Getting a small loan online through CrowdPress has always been simple and has proven a lifesaver for me more than once. They do charge fees but the fees are stated upfront when you sign the contract. The important thing with any of these loans I think is to just take what you need and no more. Although I have been approved for a larger loan I always figure up what I need and take the least amount possible.

I was nervous to take out a loan because I’d heard so many bad things with online loan/shark companies, but it was an emergency and it was quick and easy for me to get a loan online through CrowdPress. The terms of the loan were clearly explained, I knew exactly what was due and when it was due. I understood the interest rate and any fees, I never felt like they were trying to trick me or take my money.

The day before my loan was due I realized that my paycheck would be a day late. Desperate to avoid fees and interest, I emailed CrowdPress but didn’t expect any leniency. To my surprise, the representative I was emailing with agreed to extend my due date from Tuesday to Friday. He didn’t ask any questions or guilt me into anything, only assured me that no money would be taken out of my checking account until Friday and that I would not be charged any fees or interest. I was shocked, I had never been given a free extension period by a lender.

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The lending rates are much better than payday loans or corporate banks. CrowdPress is my new to crowdraise money from the crowds.

I had an emergency so I crowdraised my loan from CrowdPress. I like the simplicity of the platform and the quick response.

Definitely, the best way to borrow money.

I like crowdraising my loans because of the affordable rates and the convenience of the loan application process. Only downside is the size of the loan is small. I wish they can loan big amounts

What do these people have in common: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet…: You tell me they are billionaires. I tell you: they got so rich not because of the product they served to customers globally but because of the power of investing mainly in the stock exchange: money working for them while they devote their time to activities like INVESTING. That’s right. So, if you want your money to work hard for you, open a crowdlending account. What do you have to lose? Only your fear!

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Crowdfunding is simply another source of financing. It’s about building a crowd around your business/product/service/cause and building a sense of community around a product or idea. There are literally thousands of crowdfunding sites out there but CrowdPress gives me the Press Coverage my campaign needs and I’ve already run 2 campaigns successfully. Moreover, the site provides more information about strategies to use to raise money for creative projects or pay medical bills.

CrowdPress is a innovative micro-patronage site which connects aspiring creatives to those who want to be more involved in endorsing interesting or individual projects/causes. The way it works is that individuals who conceive a project but do not have the money to pursue it or don’t want to bear the financial risk can submit their idea to the site. Donors can then see the projects and decide to donate as much or as little as they want to support one they find interesting.

The artists benefit from seeing how viable or interesting their idea really is before they decide to follow through on them. And the donors typically get a memento or are somehow incorporated into the project. For example, one project involved a women sending a postcard from around the world every day for 365 days. If you donated to her cause, not only did you help out financially, but you provide one of the 365 addresses and in turn receive one of the postcards!

Projects range from new apps, new restaurants, musical concerts, world travel, movies, non-profit, innovation, political, social causes and even open source social networks. The homepage organizes the projects into different categories so that they are easy to browse and each project shows how much money is required and has been raised so far.

I praise CrowdPress for helping reduce the friction around investment, innovation and creativity.

We recently got funded on CrowdPress and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.  Although our target was not reached, we raised more than 80% of the funds. The CrowdPress staff was incredibly helpful but one star off for lack of instant phone support. Other than that, we successfully launched our company thanks to CrowdPress. The best crowdfunding an crowdlending platform out there in my opinion.

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We had a pleasant experience crowdfunding and CrowdPress was a great partner. They are definitely strict and they asked us to change a few things (totally understandable as they want to protect their community) but setting up was easy, and getting paid afterwards was a breeze. Anytime we had questions they were fairly quick. We fundraised 12,000$ for our project.

I love the 1.99% fee structure. With CrowdPress, I can basically run my campaign without worrying about exorbitant fees. Or alternatively, I can just pay a one-time fee and be done with it! I’ve raised so far 610$ for my project.

CrowdPress was great to work with, and provided us with a personal contact for support whom we reached out to throughout our campaign. Our overall reach to strangers clearly worked out, with over 98% of our supporters being people we didn’t know! Being featured by CrowdPress during our campaign also provided a clear boost in contributions. We managed to raise 48,000$ for our business venture.

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Setting up a campaign on CrowdPress was very easy and looked professional. It was really helpful to our campaign to have one page to send everyone to that had our video, description, and all other relevant information. It was also nice to be able to provide updates along the way.

CrowdPress allows for a variety of options, to include a low minimum goal and the possibility to collect funds on a partial funding model. This allowed us to engage the platform with a reasonable assurance of benefit regardless of whether the minimum funding goal was met. The service also provided a stable, reputable platform through which to collect donations.

On the positive, the set up of the campaign materials was very intuitive. Youtube and Vimeo integrate very well into CrowdPress’ system and the back-end interface for content was user friendly.

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I wound up on CrowdPress because my campaign did not fit the criteria that either Indiegogo or Kickstarter to allow a campaign on their site. Since my project was on equity crowdfunding it seems ironic that I could not run it on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

I just finished reading Step by Step Crowdfunding: Everything You Need to Raise Money from the Crowd for Small Business Crowdfunding and Fundraising Kindle Edition by Joseph Hogue, and what I can say about this book is that it is everything that it sells itself to be. It is a simple step by step guide in fundraising that is simple to use and understand. I compared the reading with the info provided by CrowdPress.

Other fundraising guides are written above your head, using language that makes it very difficult to follow. If you’re not a member of NASA or some large Corporation than that kind of jargon is going to be above your head. This author is very aware of that however, as he uses casual language to communicate his ideas on how fundraising is a method in raising cash that should not be overlooked simply because your not a multi million dollar Corporation. After reading the book, I thought it wise to launch a project on CrowdPress.

Truly good information. Up to date with all the necessary warnings.

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The service is a great idea and is full of outstanding projects people create! But as a rather experienced contributor I strongly recommend to think well before funding anything – especially lately there are scam issues. CrowdPress seems legit though people sometime bastardize your platform with fake projects – this is easily detected and must be reported to the administrator.

Has loads of interesting projects but be very careful on sending money somewhere – a good thorough research is my advice. I recommend CrowdPress.

As someone who is involved in a school fundraising, this site is very important to me. CrowdPress really gave an intriguing insight on the most successful ways to fundraise for a business among other things.

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I recently created a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdPress, and bought a book to gain insights on crowdfunding to be able to share with other campaign creators. This site offers a plethora of specific subjects for me to learn from, and provides insightful information on how to successfully create a crowdfunding campaign (hint: it involves a lot of hard work and research before you even set your campaign live). I would recommend CrowdPress to anyone looking to raise money online!

Crowdfunding is another way of making income and there are various platforms of which one can choose from. Personally, I did not know a lot about this until I thought about how CrowdPress operate and make their business possible. This site thoroughly explains how one can make it or break it with crowdfunding. On the other hand, this is where social media channels seem to be a risk because one can only hope that their campaign goes viral and people who has interest with the product/business would reciprocate to it. Again, I am happy with this site and adding it to my collection with the purpose of researching for more ways build better income.

Without a good campaign, crowdfunding can not be successful. CrowdPress beautifully explains the six important facts needed to be successful in crowdfunding. Whether it is a small business or a large business, a good social network and teamwork play major roles. The platform covers all major aspects of crowdfunding from start to end. Highly recommend them to people who really want to succeed with crowdfunding.

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It is a to-the-point crowdfunding site, with the useful tips for those crowdfunding for the first time. It’s not that simple to raise money through crowd-sourcing. You may want to go the crowdlending way if you are sure of your innovation. There are things to consider and do before the launch. And that’s the real value of this site – they help you and teach you how to set the stage; something many sites are missing to do, which causes their campaigns to fail.

I couldn’t be happier. I researched and downloaded about 10 different crowdfunding books and am thrilled to choose this site for crowdfunding. It doesn’t waste time and addresses issues you face when approaching this form of investment in an idea or new product. It is encouraging without being pie-in-the-sky. I’m going to use the knowledge I’ve gathered here to crowd-fund for my book!

I read and highlighted about 25% of the resources presented on this site because there was so much good information to remember. I highly recommend CrowdPress.

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