Trust & Safety

For organizers

Your money is protected and stored securely through our trusted payment processors, Paypal, WePay and Stripe. Easily transfer your funds to your bank account any time via electronic bank transfer. We know trust is essential to the success of your fundraiser. The CrowdPress platform has reliable tools and a secure infrastructure to give your donors confidence.

Paint the full picture

Give contributors peace of mind and the confidence in backing your project by including detailed information about your team, qualifications, and track record. Be open about the risks and challenges. The more information you provide upfront, the more potential backers will see you’re trustworthy and committed to seeing your project through. Enhance your profile card.

Engage backers

Keep everyone informed of your progress or setbacks through commenting, direct communication and frequent updates. Engaging contributors will help establish trust, while a lack of communication may result in backers losing faith and possibly changing their minds. Learn best practices for customer support.

Vet your partners

We recommend researching any organization you’re interested in partnering with and proceeding with caution before responding to services claiming affiliation with Indiegogo and/or offering to market your campaign. For product entrepreneurs, our partnership with Arrow Electronics can help you go to market more efficiently.

For donors

Online payments are safe. All accounts use SSL-encrypted connections. CrowdPress never stores credit card information. Learn more about the security measures used by our partners at Paypal, WePay and Stripe.

Donors may remain anonymous and do not need to create a CrowdPress account. Simply click donate button and enter your debit or credit card information.

Do the research

Learn more about the project and the people behind it. Review the story (look for the “Risks and Challenges” section), team profiles, updates, and comments to get a good sense of what you’re backing and to feel confident in your decision. Find out what stage a product is in—from Concept to Shipping—to help assess risk. Read tips for how to evaluate a campaign.

Ask questions

To follow up with campaigns you’ve backed, you can contact the campaign owner at any time with a direct message or comment. The comments allows you to follow feedback and Q&As between the campaign owner and other backers throughout the campaign’s progress. Learn how to contact a campaigner.

Report concerns

If something looks wrong to you, tell us! We encourage our community to report suspicious activity and voice concerns via the Contact Us page or the “Let us know” link on every campaign. Our Trust and Safety team monitors feedback and takes action if needed to protect our community.

Trust & Safety

Here at CrowdPress, trust and safety comes first. We are committed to building a trusting relationship with those seeking a global directory of the best crowdfunding platforms to raise money and the crowdsourcing platforms that enable entrepreneurs and charitable organizations to be successful.

We are committed to ensuring our website is safe for all customers to use. We continue to enhance our features and resources to optimize your experience with CrowdPress, whether you’re looking for new fundraising clients or looking to fundraise on a crowdsourcing platform!

As part of building trust with our customers and keeping CrowdPress safe for all to use, we ask you for help as well. We encourage our community to report suspicious activity and voice concerns via comments through our Contact Us page.

We understand it is important to be proactive in screening for problems in trust and safety and we work hard at this. But even with taking this kind of care, not every project or campaign will go as planned. We want the platform to be safe and work toward providing this for your crowdfunding, funraising needs. Unfortunately this does not always occur and it is impossible for us to know the details about each dishonest situation. You should do your own due diligence before contributing funds to anyone or to any organization.

Do you see anything suspicious? If so tell us and tell the CrowdPress community!

We monitor information from our system, but encourage our customers to report suspicious activities to or call us at (415) 997-0200 if you see things that seem unusual or usurious. We want to know!

Read all material and use your own judgement before contributing any money.

Does the campaign pitch make sense, sound legitimate and reasonable? Have you looked on the internet for information that confirms the campaign’s claims. Be thoughtful and careful with your donations. If campaigns are not explicit and transparent do not donate your funds. Why are they trying to raise money?, what is their experience? Do you really know who they are? these are just a few questions you should ask yourself. Do the photos and/or videos relate to the fundraising effort, and give credence to the campaign story? Are other web links available for you to verify check the campaign? Again, if you have questions do not donate.

You can email the campaign contact to ask questions – don’t hesitate to do so. Check back frequently for news and updates.

Important Things to Consider:

People are fundraising for a variety of different causes. Some will make sense to you and others will not. Some seem legitimate and others may not. Be careful with your donations and choosing whom you help. When you make a donation to a fundraising campaign you hope that the person running that campaign will assist toward realizing the goal(s) mentioned in the profile they set up. Ultimately, you cannot be assured, so donate cautiously, if you choose to do so.

What should you do if you are a donor?

Review all the information you can find about the person and the campaign. Read comments and search the Internet for more information. Also, feel free to contact the crowdfunding campaign owner with any questions. If something looks suspicious click the “report this campaign” button and we will be contacted to assess the campaign veracity. .

What should you do if you are setting up a fundraising campaign to raise donations?

Be honest about everything you claim.

Provide as much information as you can—transparency and over-communication are key.

Don’t be overly solicitous – potential donors will not trust you. So be forthcoming with everything and 100% honest. Tell them about what you hope to do with the money – be precise, honest and exact. Discuss the risks, too.

Be careful with whom you partner. There are a lot of people that you shouldn’t trust.

What should CrowdPress do?

We do not investigate every campaign. We rely on the crowdfunding community – people like you — to help identify campaigns that need to be analyzed.

We will read all the reports of suspicious activity and take appropriate action if there is enough support. Resulting actions might be contacting the campaign owner, or even suspending the campaign. That is our right and obligation. So if a campaign is suspicious, we may suspend it without warning.

Some basic suggestions:

Protect your information. Be careful and cautious.

Do not share sensitive data. Be careful of “phishing” scams. Read all of CrowdPress terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Safety, and other information. Never share information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers or sensitive data.

Be mindful about which information you post in public parts of the internet, and keep sensitive data secure.

What kind of projects may be allowed in the CrowdPress platform:

You may not create campaigns that violate our rules. Campaigns should typically have an end date and a goal you hope to reach. All campaigns must be honest and ethical.

Charities can use the platform to raise money. However, individuals cannot start a campaign and say they are going to give the money to a charity unless the campaign is a sponsored campaign through our Partners Portal. There is a separate, manual process to getting non-profits and charities set up on the platform. You will see branding by the charity at the top of the campaign page if the campaign is managed that charity.

Campaigns cannot offer a financial incentive to donate, such a share of ownership in their business.

However, if you are a registered charity with CrowdPress, we can help you register with WePay. We are providing support, but cannot be held responsible with charities or non- profit’s actions or the ultimate use of the funds.

In order to create a CrowdPress Certified Charity campaign, if you are a charity, you must choose to provide your documents for 501(c)(3) to CrowdPress.

Note: Churches may also include a Form 990, W-9, or SS-4 if a Letter of Determination is not available.

If you are a Donor:

If you are donating to a campaign charity do not assume your donation is tax deductible even if the campaign claims it is a charity.

It is your responsibility to contact the campaign and request documentation provide you with enough information to determine your donation is tax deductible. Please contact the charity or non-profit directly.

Partial list of prohibited campaigns Items:*

Any campaign that is illegal or greatly regulated
Dangerous projects
Financial, processing of money, or credit related services
Political fundraising
Food or drinks in the energy category
Anything to do with weapons
Gambling, coupons, raffles or contests
Anything offensive or hate related
Anything that purports to cure or treat an illness or sickness or medical condition
Nicotine, vape products, tobacco, drugs, alcohol
You cannot resell other people’s products or services
if you have questions about the nature of your campaign, contact us immediately before you start.
*This is not an exhaustive list; we reserve the right to add additional prohibitions at any time.

We are here to support you

We understand that projects encounter obstacles, and unforeseen circumstances may prevent entrepreneurs from being able to fulfill. This should always be communicated. Failure to provide regular updates and maintain open communication may result in restrictions to individual Indiegogo accounts or suspension of campaigns.

Raise money for your project through honest offering

We believe that every idea deserves an equal shot at success, and that great things happen when backers and entrepreneurs join together to create something new. It’s a journey that requires trust and transparency at every step. And like every meaningful journey, this one can have both risks and rewards. We’re committed to equipping every campaigner with the tools not only to create and ultimately deliver a successful project, but also to keep their community of backers in the loop, including when things don’t go as planned. It’s with this transparency and support that great projects come to life.

— The End —