Why should you read eBooks?

What kind of eBooks should you read? Fiction? Novels? At eBazaar, we select only eBooks that will build you up. And take you places. Whether you buy now or later, we want to make sure you have a great shopping experience, at least, from the accompanying music.

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Why I buy eBooks from eBazaar?

I love the buying experience. Oh, the soothing, rhythmic music...eBazaar eBooks have their advantages - carefully selected, cheaper than hard copies, concise, consume less storage, no bookmarks, legible typography and securely, instantly delivered.

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Why I recommend eBazaar?

When it comes to the mere mass consumption of the content, reading these eBooks is like listening to a maestro's performance of a musical work. The content speaks to me personally. The ebook length and text are conducive to a great reader’s experience.

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I'm still reading a Dance with Dragons, started Silicon Man and American Gods...

This site contains a large number of great ebooks about almost everything, written by people without an agenda - real, juicy information. With e-book reader nowadays you can store so many books inside. You can just bring one gadget with 30 e-books inside it instead of bringing 3 physical books in your bag. I would like to say e-books saves space for storage. Since I often travel and like reading many things in one go, reading e-books is efficient for me.

I use ebooks for light reading, to have something entertaining to read on lunch beak, or when stranded waiting on line somewhere, in a situation where I am not looking for serious intellectual engagement. For all the reasons here. It's really convenient, saves your page for you, it much more portable, and I find I read more quickly on an eReader. I am currently re-reading Moby Dick from a Delphi collection of Melville's words.