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Why eBooks on eBazaar instead of Kindle version?

First and foremost, our eBooks and we mean, all of them, are read by our staff before uploading them. That's a bankable guarantee. Some eBooks are being sold on behalf of other vendors. We do not retain exclusive rights to these eBooks. However, we only choose to avail the best eBooks for VIP users. So, read on:

1. eBooks are short and to the point. Read and get the benefits, right away. 

2. You own the eBook PDF. We will never reach into your device to fetch it back if we so wish. We respect your privacy.

3. We will not keep upgrading to newer devices, thereby forcing you to buy new devices

4. Very affordable.

5. You are not happy? Just send it back and we'll refund.

6. We donate to charity. And you can specify which charity to donate to. 

7. Use our coupon code 267qq8q to receive a 20% reduction on all purchases at 10$ or more. 

Is Audio part of the purhase?

No. Unless the product appears under the "Audio" section.

What do your eBooks contain?

Information that can readily be applied. Graphics are kept to a minimum to allow you to gain as much information as possible in as few pages as possible.

I received the wrong eBook?

Sorry. We apologize. Let us know and we'll send you the right title you ordered. Thank you for understanding.

What is going on with the eBooks titles?

Our eBooks titles are reflective of the information contained in the eBooks. We are not misleading customers. From the title only, you get the sense of what will be inside. The short description is the same as well.

What are the rules of eBooks and other products in the Adult Sections?

1. You must be 18+ years of age to buy them. Otherwise, DON'T.

2. Due to the nature of content in this section, eBooks purchase are non-refundable!. You've read that correct.

3. Sold eBooks are meant for personal use. You are hereby, by our policies and by US. LAWS, forbidden to share, redistribute or discuss the eBooks or its content with anybody or whatsoever. We will prosecute you, should you choose to act otherwise. You also agree NOT to prosecute Invesprise LLC and its affiliate businesses for any purchase on eBazaar or whatsoever. Please take the time to read our policies, Terms of Use and disclaimers. If you have any questions, contact us before any transactions.

Is there a coupon code?

Yes. The code is 267qq8q. This is applicable for purchases at 10$ or more. The reduction would be 20% off the total amount. 

About refunds

You will be refunded after explaining your dissatisfaction and the refund will be effected immediately within 7 days. All make sure you're asking for refunds of purchases at 5$ or above or you will incur the banking transfer, refund transaction fees greater than your initial purchase.

Coupon / Discount Codes

The monthly coupon code appears in this area. Use it to get a 25% discount on all purchases of 7$ or greater. Thank you for being our customer.

Download Security Features

Our innovative system prevents download link sharing and discovery to prevent unauthorized download of your valuable products. Keep your download link private. It's your money, it's your product.

Sell Downloads with PayPal

PayPal is the most popular payment processor in the world with millions of users. eBazaar supports PayPal transactions using the Website Payments Standard system that requires no additional monthly fees from PayPal. Vendors wishing to use PayPal as their payment processor must have a Business or Premiere PayPal account to use Website Payments Standard with eBazaar

Multi-Item Cart

eBazaar multi-item checkout, compatible with  PayPal, Skrill, Stripe and AlertPay, offers full shopping cart functionality