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The most beautiful fitness app out there. 7-minute workout per day.

Magical features

Tech Features LIST

The whole new premium look for your app showcases amazing features which will blow your mind completely. FitnessDaily app comes with multi-variant screens.

  • Multi-variance

  • Suits all devices

  • Pro-features page

  • Completion sections

  • Attractive graphics

  • Customization-ready

  • Feedback Contact

  • Multi-Colors

Great Features

Trying to lose weight, gain muscle, exercise more consistently? Use FitnessDaily App.

Abs Workout

Everyone needs to be healthy. A Healthy life is like a Challenge for everyone in this routine-based life where time plays a vital role.

Exercise Tracker

With the overall goal of sculpting your body from every angle...get your heart and your soul running.

The 7-Day Butt Challenge

The ultimate butt burner designed by a certified trainer to help you lift your backside and sculpt your glutes.

Variety of Exercises

Hundreds of activities you can track, create your own and record almost everything


Great Functionalities

  • Set your workout time

    The goal is to sit less, move more, and get some exercise by completing each ring.

  • Take a break

    Specifically, rest is essential for muscle growth. Exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscle tissue.

  • Daily Workout Reminders

    Keep your muscles warmed up all day while increasing your overall fitness and energy level.

  • Track your weight loss

    1 reason to use a fitness app is to track your fitness activities because during exercise, your body breaks down glycogen to fuel your workout.

  • Create your own training

    The basic 7-minute workout, a 7-minute abs workout, and a 7-minute high-intensity workout.

  • Health Calculators

    Explore a variety of free fitness and health calculators including a BMI calculator, body fat calculator...