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To Advertise, upload your images, video ads, banners below and pay later after they are live our website. They will be up and running within 24 hours.

Reach close to 250k+ daily.

How can I advertise on

  • You can post a video (ad) in our business section - from only 9.99$ plans. That is the unique concept of

Introduce your business directly to prospects. Tell them the advantages of your products/services. Gain an edge over your competitor. Build your business credibility and increase consumer confidence. Engage your prospects directly. Stop hiding behind a computer screen. Do you want to sell or not?

This is like a "classifieds" service for businesses in video format. Your video will remain in our database for your prospects to see forever. Use SE-Optimized keywords to help your prospects locate you on/off site. This is better than the sometimes "annoying" video ads. You get a full report of your views, CTR and demographics of your viewers. Your classified video ad will be perused like in a classifieds newspapers, viewed by millions + they get to call you via direct videocall until you choose to remove or replace it with a better product or service - only 9.99$ Flat Fee.

  • You can use our advertising program - 0.099¢ - 0.30¢:

CPC, CPM, CPV, Video ads...if this is how you are used to advertising, you'll love our advertising program - Only 0.099¢ to 0.30¢. At the same time, you may also request us to associate your video ads with specific videos to maximize exposure in certain areas where users will have no choice to skip but see the end of your ad as they navigate to their content of interest.

Why Advertise Here?

  • Choose from 12 ways to advertise through our videos: Control your budget.

Maximize your exposure by choosing the best way to display your own ads

  • Increased Traffic: Full (minute by minute) tractable results.

Pay only once your ads are viewed/clicked. No Tricks. No Bots. No Nonsense!

  • Increased Sales: Higher CTR.

Drive targeted traffic to your sites while increasing the brand awareness of your products.

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1. Preferably HD mp4 Files - Reach your audience with the best approach.
2. Explain in detail how you wish your ad to appear on our site and where.
3. 12 ways to advertise. Control your budget. No tricks. No bots. No Nonsense.

Upload Now, Pay Later - A VIPleyo Service.