Revenue Sharing


Ad Revenue Sharing Model.

In brief: Upload your videos and Earn 20¢/video + 53% monthly
commissions from the total ad revenue per video.

Publishers and Users


To calculate daily advertising Revenue, we multiply Impressions Sold (on your videos) by Revenue per Impression. The Net Revenue displayed in the Reports section of your account represents 50% of Advertising Revenue. When your video plays, your audience will also see in-stream advertisements. In-stream ads are ads that are served within the Vipleyo video player. Advertisements are always labeled or closable. The Vipleyo Partner Program is committed to creating an efficient and transparent advertising ecosystem for content creators, advertisers, and users. 

We serve 12 types of in-stream ads among which:

ยท         Overlay: A text/image/video advertisement that floats over the bottom/left of your video.

We regularly monitor and update our algorithms in order to deliver relevant ads with your videos. 

Earning Money

  • Promote your stuffs! Nobody knows what you got to offer!

We would be lying if we told you otherwise. Let others see what great content you got.
Relax now and see the revenue roll in! Simple as that.


  • Earn every time someone views your content with an ad

For every click to view your video on which an ad appears

  • Earn again and instantly

By allowing others to promote your video for a fee. Earn a portion of that fee instantly


  • No hosting costs

You never have to host a thing; we cover all hosting costs of your content


  • No traffic or More Traffic

There's never a need for you to send any traffic to your videos or if you do, you will only increase your earning,
so we advise you to promote your videos on social networking sites.


  • No promotion

We take care of the general promotion of your Video Platform.


  • No hassle

PaidPerView allows you to focus on what you do best, producing content.


  • All tractable results.

We are very transparent. If your content is getting lots of views, you will earn for each and every view. And that is our
cast iron guarantee!


  • Don't have a video? Don't have content great content? No problem.

Promote any video you like on our site. Promote it on our site or even better on social networking sites and earn portion of the ad revenue


1.      Upload your Video

Send us content in any format you like, and we'll take care of the rest.

2.      Give us Rights

Give us permission to host your videos on our site and watch the traffic roll in.

3.      Collect Your Earnings and Collect even more by promoting and letting others promote your videos on our site and other social networking sites

We'll keep track of your impressions and give you a generous cut on advertising revenue


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