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Liberal vs Conservative

There are literate and illiterate republicans as well as democrats. There are intelligent and unintelligent republicans and democrats. Here are two considerations regarding literacy and intelligence:

a) people can be literate or illiterate and intelligent or unintelligent about different things. For example, many are financially illiterate or economically illiterate but literate in other dimensions – or vice versa. And many are intelligent when it comes to numbers but no so with human emotions – or vice versa.

b) it is the candidate and his or her stated positions rather than the political party that is the primary factor in determining whether their followers tend to be more or less literate and more or less intelligent.

What bothers me the most about many elections is that the illiterate and less educated and less intelligent of both parties seem to have the most votes. In part this is because the truth is rarely as simple as people want it to be and people who lack intelligence or a good education (and hence are less literate) tend to be impatient with the effort it takes to find the truth, so they tend to rely on oversimplifications that make good slogans. This is why populist politicians are often so successful.

Note also: literate is not the same as intelligent. Literacy is learned through a good education. Intelligence is something one is born with or without.

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