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The concept

Using ads only in your marketing approach can sometimes be very confusing to the prospect. Your video ads, text ads and image ads among a million more of the same create a psychological distance between your business and the customer.

The concept behind Vipleyo.com is very simple: Provide more product/service information to prospects and customers via an online face-to-face Video Platform and they will buy. This is really the missing piece in your sales' puzzle. Stop ad targeting, Start relating to your online customers.

Online customers would like to know who you are. In so doing, you build credibility, you set your business up for repeat sales and in addition, you help protect the consumer from being abused and deceived thanks to increasing anonymity on the Internet.

It's a win-win for businesses and Consumers. Guaranteed!

Why advertise on Vipleyo?

At last, a live networking platform for businesses and consumers - where business means business, where business doesn't suffer from seeking to build affinity with consumers through entertainment.

Vipleyo is for serious businesses wanting to differentiate themselves by standing behind their brand: to build credibility and establish long-term relationships with serious buyers, now and in the future. You get to meet your online customers from all over the world, live, face-to-face.

With the growth and complications of social media anonymity and the future growth of Internet business, there is a high probability that consumers are/will be misled into making purchases from product sellers/service providers that are not reliable.

Just look at any platform out there and all of them are engaged in faceless ads (text ads, video ads and image ads) and all this does is create a psychological distance between consumers and businesses.

Most social media platforms, including the biggest and most trusted, have become impostor platforms. A user is lured into making a purchase without having much information or based on the perceived likeability/popularity of a product/service.

How do you solve this problem? That's where you come in! By presenting the product/service you're selling face-to-face via online video or via live streaming. Show your face if you're sure about what you're selling.

Are you more likely to buy a 65 inch TV via a telephone call or when the salesperson comes to your house and makes a full presentation on the TV? You guessed it! When that person comes to your house and you see them face-to-face. That's what we're all about at Vipleyo.com

Social Media Advertising is a Myth: Why a CTR of 0.11% or even 1.1% on (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest..etc) is a joke and waste of your money?

Social media as a whole has become the most popular method of communicating with friends and family across the globe. A person might even start friendships and business relationships with people they have never met in person.

But if you see social media as promotion platforms, you just don't get it: "People don't want to be advertised to on social media". That is why the Click Through Rates are very low ~0.11%.

Show your product/business knowledge and credibility online and customers will find you. For free!

There is no best social media for promoting online marketing. Either you must combine them all and use them the right way or depending on your business you must choose the best network that suits your goals and needs.

For example creating a corporate business page on Pinterest won't help you any good. There are also various factors that you should know about when it comes to distributing your content in these networks like for example the best time to tweet your tweets on Twitter.

It depends upon the brand you are promoting and your target audience. Make sure you know well your target market. Are they on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Believe it or not, some brands win their audiences through Instagram and Pinterest. Some even through Youtube. It all depends on your brand and target market. Be open to try multiple channels.

Try them until you've wasted all of your business capital on advertising in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your best bet on reaching your target is to offer product information while backing your brand in person via an online video platform where you meet consumers and explain why they should choose you instead of another business.
Enter Vipleyo.com

Our personal recommendation is to use the most powerful method yet and try to create quality pages and profiles that people will really benefit from, right here, right now. And this exactly means, giving your customers what they want to hear about your business. What better way to do that than by presenting the information via Online Video.

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Facebook - Social networking platform for friends - not shopping - no faces, more ads.

Twitter - Speedy Social networking with anybody...Even worse, 140 characters of a message, no faces, more ads.

Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr - mostly teenagers, mostly uninterested!

YouTube - repository of all sorts of junk videos including legitimate businesses (No-value-added videos drive and maintain the popularity of the site).

Vimeo - for artists, no commercial ads.

Vipleyo: Where consumers come looking for product/services information from reliable businesses - the best way to build your brand and establish a connection with the prospect.

Businesses DO NOT HAVE to rely on a "twerking" video to get their product noticed when they can have a platform where users come specifically looking for them.

The message: ACT NOW

It's time to differentiate yourself from the mix. If you believe in your product/service, it's time you presented the details of your product/service to the buyer in the right format, in the right place at the right time.


On the other hand, if you're counting on users to be less attentive to details and make a straight buy, then turn to other platforms (0.08% CTR) with your ads. You come to us when you have a product you're convinced you have a product/service that will be of great value to consumers.

- Be found fast.

- No longer rely on an ad. Your video will be seen over and over again.

- No hiding behind faceless ads.

- The fact that you will take time to present the details of your product/video to consumers will increase your business credibility and thereby, raise consumer confidence which leads to sales.

- Don't rely on your ad to be found on YouTube among mixed videos (Entertainment videos...etc). Present your business where users will come to find more information about your products.

Buyers come to us looking for information about product such as yours.

For inquiries: call 1-724-831-3743 or Clik Me.

Businesses & Partners Only.

Phone: 1-724-831-3743
Fax: 1-814-680-1883
Email: admin@vipleyo.com, advertiser@vipleyo.com or management@invesprise.com

More Information

We're just not a former Silicon Valley Project...We're better than that...


VIPLEYO - Unleashing Your Business Credibility via the Most Interactive Online Video Platform...yet to be seen.

It's about time you started ordering Pizza from Papa Johns using video calls...don't you think? It's about time somebody came up with a truly unique online video platform that increases interaction between businesses and consumers.

Ours is an Online Video Platform unlike the myriad that are mainly focussed on entertainment.

Have you ever wondered why companies/people would rather sell a product/service online via ads without direct contact? So we thought a "classifieds" for businesses in video format would be a cool project to solve the increasing problem of anonymity on the Internet and help consumers avoid scams. Hence, this platform provide businesses with an opportunity to talk about their products in details without the need to hide behind ads in social media sites. This way, businesses earn credibility while consumers raise confidence. Isn't this the formula for repeat sales?

Let's add value and respect the viewer's time with worthwhile content. All consumers need is information to make decisions. And businesses should be ready to provide the information if they are willing to buy. How many junk/scam videos do we have on the major video hosting sites? We now have videos that go "viral" but with an empty message - waste of your time and mine. Let's stop that. Let's build together a site that offers value to every viewer - we are it :)

Welcome to Vipleyo: The First Online Video pLatform dedicated to solving the problem of anonymity by connecting businesses and consumers via face-to-face online video


Welcome to a Cool Project - Project Vipleyo = Vee' Play' Yo = You Play Videos.

Thanks again for your donations. We're a group of developers that have decided to utilize the power of video to bridge the gap of ignorance by: connecting users and businesses, the underdeveloped to the developed world, and promoting unique talent and knowledge sharing...

Our objective is to add value through online video interactions.

No...we won't be another database of "twerking" videos - no offence! But we really want to see how high you can get.

Actually contribute something of value to the viewer of your video and earn money for it. That's a more fulfilling way to live life. Here, we want to provide value for our users because they are worth it and we value their time. I hope you understand our objective. We believe all human beings have the potential to achieve exceedingly above all any human could conceive or perceive.

Our platform will have one portion dedicated to natural talents and the other will focus on connecting prospects to businesses and, enhancing business credibility and consumer confidence.

How many people have been denied access to the movies' industry simply because? How many good actors we'll never get to see and whose talent we will never enjoy thanks to a lack of resources or "connections"? How many "idols" never made simple it because there was never a platform for them to express their talent?


That is the vision behind our platform. We have a platform that empowers you to bring your best!


If our vision is something that interests you, please donate now to support server performance, platform development and scalability.. You can also donate codes, scripts and time to promote the platform.

Thank you so much.

How are we different?

What we didn't like about the other video sites?

1. You have to register to upload a video.
2. Even after registration, you still have to figure out a lot of things to post a video.
3. After posting, your video is hidden a in "channel", lost in a huge database
4. Publisher confusion about revenue models.
5. Poor user experience, really poor user experiences.
6. Poor user customization expansion capabilities
7. Huge databases of junk video contents
8. Excessive ads serving
9. No provided method to target users
10. No maximum video platform for different activities

Making a better site

1. We allow users to direct our design and contribute whatever scripts they have.
2. You can brand your videos as you wish.
3. We discriminate among videos without "discriminating" to remove junk videos.
4. We purge our database once every month to retain only high-value videos.
5. First video site where a user without a video can promote a video and earn from it.
6. We are oriented towards quality while we also take in appropriate ads.
7. Business clarity about targeting users and other businesses.



1. No Illegal business/Political activity here.
2. Respect Federal and your State/Country Laws while visiting our site.
3. Do not upload copyrighted material to this site without express permission.
4. Contact us as soon as you need any clarifications: vipleyo@vipleyo.com
5. If you live in the USA, in case of an emergency: call 911.


1. Complaints: complaints@vipleyo.com
2. Abuse: abuse@vipleyo.com
3. Corporate information: management@invesprise.com