Can I ask any questions?

We reserve the right to answer or not to answer any questions, whatsoever, pursuant to our business, the site or its parent company, Invesprise LLC. And specifically, we reserve the right to reply or not to reply to any inquiry, whatsoever, from anybody who never undertook any business of any kind (using, advertising or publishing) with Vipleyo.com.


All videos that appear on the main page have been paid for according to our payment plans. If any of them infringe on your rights, please contact us directly. Our contact details are on contact page via the drop menu on the main page.

What can I do on Vipleyo.com?

  1. We are an Online Video Platform for Business-Consumer Networking. This means you should be a business with a product/service or an individual offering some kind of service, you upload the video with your face and a voice...we want serious businesses/people to connect with consumers in that manner. Advertise your business directly to prospects in video classifieds
  2. Private One-on-One Video Chat
  3. Chat, Blog, Sell/Buy/Collaborate
  4. Professional Business Consulting Video (doctors, lawyers, job interviews...)
  5. Live Streaming an event/Broadcasting your business/event/yourself
  6. Watch videos/Listen to Music.
  7. Upload/Host your videos with/out the objective of making a profit off of them.
  8. Advertise your business in text classifieds and various formats.
  9. Publish, Promote and Share in Ad Revenue.

Who is behind this?

Invesprise LLC. A Pittsburgh-based startup.

Are you legally registered?

Yes. In the State of Pennsylvania.

Where do I find your terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer..?

At the bottom of each page.

What types of activity ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE?

Political organizing and propaganda, Explicit sexual-related activity, Activity prohibited by your country/state government laws and others not allowed in our terms of use. If caught, you will be banned forever and your IP address will be blocked forever.

What types of videos can I upload on this site?

You can upload almost anything.

We do not encourage you to post a "twerking" video as we don't see the value in that but we encourage you to make a video explaining why "twerking" is either good or bad. That's the philosophy behind this site.

Can I post sexual-related material to this site?

The short answer is YES and YES.

For example, you can post a video exposing prostitution in your area, around the world...etc.
You can post a homemade videos on familial sexual relations counselling...etc.

Can I post pornographic material on this site?

The short and straight answer is NEVER and NEVER. Whoever does that will be tracked down. We do not support the exploitation of females for monetary gains.

However, you can post a video explaining the wrong side of pornographic material with soft core footage as part of your video. That's allowed.

Can I post misogynistic/racist/xenophobic/anti-homosexual/anti-Semitic/Anti-Christian/Anti-Islam material to this site?

No and No. We promote and abide by social inclusion principles by which everyone should be accepted as they are.

But you can post a video explaining the good/bad of these beliefs/tendencies as your intention, primarily, is to share your knowledge. That's acceptable.

How do I track the results of my ad campaign?

Log into your account and clik on the View Results/Reports Tab.

Can alter/modify my ad campaign?

Sure. Discontinue the current campaign and launch another one.

How can I advertise on the background of the login/sharing/join page?

contact us at: admin@vipleyo.com

What type of material can I upload?

Anything, and we mean anything including sexual material - as in sexual education, exposition of prostitution...etc BUT no explicit/implicit material with pornographic connotations. We do not support the exploitation of females and neither do we support the pornographic industry.

Can posting videos on Vipleyo increase my own sales revenue?

Absolutely! It is a fact, (although many people will attempt to dispute this) that a great number of users will navigate to your sites. Your links will be included, of course.

What other benefits are there?

Show people your absolute best stuff, show them your highlights, and use your best quality videos to brand your site, not your worst.

Once my video is up, can I ever get it down?

Of Course, if after awhile, you are not happy with the program for any reason, you can choose to terminate the agreement and we will remove your content. You can close your account anytime.

Can I brand my videos?

Yes, but it must not be ludicrous. The aim here is to generate advertising revenue by making your sale to the prospect, as well as brand awareness and true fans of your content. So it is absolutely fine to brand your content. However, for our traffic to continue to grow, (giving us the ability to make you more money) we must ensure the quality of the videos, meaning that they cannot have intros or outros that are too long, or misleading, stick to under 5 seconds for both, however our data shows that even 5 seconds will lose you some viewers, as they want to see what they clicked on right away.

If you can keep an intro to 5 seconds or less, you will be more successful, outros can be a little longer without affecting viewership. Watermarks are fine, but they must not be huge or intrusive, your watermark should be in the bottom right corner and should not span more than 30% of the videos width. Remember, directly under your video there will be a promo advertising your site with a logo, a description and a link, so the surfer will already know where the content is from lessening the necessity of a watermark.

What formats do you support?

We do all the encoding of the videos; however, there are still formats that are easier for us to work with than others. The best format for us to work with (for all types of content) is .mp4 (MPEG-4 h.264). Other formats we can easily work with are .avi, .mpg (mpeg-1 and mpeg-2), .avi and .VOB. Please avoid uploading .WMV or .3gp files.

Do my videos have to be high quality?

That is a somewhat subjective question that has no easy answer,. Your videos do not have to be ultra high quality; however we do not wish to fill our site with content that will not help them prosper. So, we know that users do not mind home-made content, and that a large amount of such content is of a lower quality. If a good clip is somewhat lower quality that is ok, however if the clip is low quality because it came from a terrible source, and is very outdated, then we will use our own judgement to decide if it makes the grade.

Once again, remember, you are here because you want to make money, so you should want to make money through sales to other sites as well as from the revenue share, so resist the temptation to entice surfers with junk!

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch.