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the best advertising platform

Nearly three-quarters of consumers (73%) say they are more likely to purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service. The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be. Humanize your marketing content via StreamItLive Technology. Move beyond marketing and start relating with your customers - Live, face-to-face.

In particular, 93% find online videos useful when comparison-shopping, 87% find them helpful for researching additional items from the same brand, and 93% find them valuable for instructions post-purchase.

Video marketing is a great way for brands to stand out from the many text-based marketing efforts being launched each day. When conducted effectively, a video marketing campaign can help your brand reach new consumers and turn them into loyal customers. Ready to meet new customers? Launch your Business profile on Vipleyo!

You want to sell? Use Vipleyo - Broadcast Your Business.

the best advertising platform

the best advertising platform

Start bringing your Business to Customers via Face-to-Face Online video. Right Here, Right NOW!

If a text ad is worth clicking, if an image ad is worth a thousand words, then surely and as proven, a product video is worth 1.8 million words and would result in much higher conversions than expected. YOU reap: Sales, Credibility, Trust, Relationship, Engagement and so much more. Think Profitability!

the best advertising platform

For example, on this site, you can advertise using video ads and image ads; however, these media of advertising do not convey the whole story behind your brand/product/service. Besides, they are expensive and will not have a lasting impact as they do not endear you to the viewer, they do not build credibility in the right way and consequently, the CTRs are always lower.

What is CTR anyway? It is a useless metric! They know it and that is why they have click farms. Unless people are actually buying your products/services from impressions and CTRs, you are left with many unanswered questions!

Therefore, we submit to you the best way to advertise and induce prospects into buying your product/service is by presenting details, briefly and concisely, in a short video where you establish a connection with the prospect. By coming out from behind calculated ads and social media pausing, you show your prospects that you are trustworthy and mean business.

In a world with numerous marketing strategies (video ads, text ads and banner ads...etc); often-times, all the consumer needs in order to make a decision is more information about the offer. Not more ads! Not more upsells! Not more bells and whistles! Just full product/service information.

Makes sense to us, what do you think?

Start talking about your products and services to online shoppers, Live, face-to-face. Today. Now. Go

Do people just throw stuffs at you when you are shopping and in return, you throw money back at them? Rather than trivialising your approach to online marketing with text ads, video ads...etc, humanize your content with personalized videos.

Selling starts with a bona fide, human conversation.


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Introduce your products/services on video while facing a camera, get straight to the point and keep it to 3 minutes max. And follow it up with another video. Explain your product/service in detail. Engage the consumer; he/she is looking for more information to buy what you are offering. Explain how it works, why it is important to have it, and why he/she should buy it from you.

In this manner, you increase the probability of a sale; you achieve business credibility, raise consumer confidence, promote trust, and engage your prospect for a long term relationship. Your aim with the video is to make the prospect a repeat buyer. And this is the only best way it can happen.

That is the concept of By providing the information the customer is looking for, you leave no room for doubt as to why the prospect made a particular decision and you can adjust your business strategy.

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