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I upload my business video. Vipleyo Broadcasts it. Millions View & Share it. I Lead to Action & Convert to Sales.

Reach Customers, Live. Create Excitement. And Sell, Today.

Designed for Online businesses by Online customers - tired of annoying ads, anonymity and disinformation!

Next 50 businesses to upload a business video will receive a 8.5% discount Main Page*

Broadcast My Business Now.

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If an image ad is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video about your product/service is worth.
1.8 million words + Credibility, Trust, Transaction, Reputation, Engagement and Sure Conversions.

I got a great product/service. I want to reach customers to sell/lead/validate/inform...etc. Sign up.

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Take the guesswork out of your Video Advertising. Sign Up.

Businesses: Direct Communication.

For Businesses, We have thousands of users who are willing to receive a video link about your product. They get a % of the advertising fee just like on other Revenue-Sharing sites like YouTube. Try It!

Users: Revenue-sharing at its Finest

For Users, you can take part in the 60B$ advertising industry by simply clicking the video link sent and watching product video. Open your free account select your interests and set your updates.

Businesses: More Leads/Sales.

Your business video/video ad is not sent to every user, the link is sent only to users who have indicated interests that align with your business video/video ad.

For Users, Relax.

You no longer have to beat up your brain to create video content that is marketable and receive a % of the advertising fee. Just watch the video ad/business video and get paid a % of the advertising fee.

Full-featured Analytics. Direct Measurement

Stop the uncertainty with video ad. Here you will have users who might be (lead, buyers..etc) who are willing to watch your video. You get the full Analytics as to who watched your video, for how long, did they follow through?

For users, Make money enjoying yourself.

It all adds up in the end, 10$, 50$, 100$ per week can make a big difference in your life. Just choose your interests, receive video links according to your interests, watch and share the video and EARN. That simple.

Business: Vipleyo vs YouTube

Businesses understand that potential leads/customers watch their business videos/video ads whereas on, businesses HOPE users will be patient and sit through a video ad

Users: vs

Users watch business videos/video ads on whereas on, users are annoyed and skip video ads. Users on are incentivised to watch videos for revenue-sharing.

How do I make money from Vipleyo Online Video Platform?

Direct Communication, More Sales.

Buyers watch my business video and/or use Vipleyo StreamItLive Technology to access my store inventory Live. And they make VIP video-calls directly to my store from my profile. I pick up the call, see them live and close the deal. It's that simple!

Long-term Relationship, More Sales.

In the age of trust economy, acquiring one customer and turning them into a repeat buyer is very strategic to your long-term business success. Establish one-to-one relationships with every customer via Direct Live VIP video-calls.

Consumer Confidence, More Sales.

Reputation is what customers really buy. Explain more about your product benefits. Provide more information rather than mere up-sells. Perform demonstrations. Be genuine, honest and direct. Help customers make objective decisions and sell!

Business Credibility, More Sales.

Credibility is everything. Be credible, trustworthy and dependable. The products and services you sell should be those you are willing to put your name and face behind via an online live video platform like Vipleyo.

Nurtured prospects, More sales.

The most important quality you need to establish brand credibility is consistency. The more viewers know about your specific service and product line, the stronger the bond to your brand. Make your message unique, consistent and sales will roll in.

Comprehensive Reports, More Sales.

The goal of using analytics is acting on data to make better decisions. Integrated throughout your business user experience are rich analytics and reporting capabilities to keep you constantly informed of trends and sales figures.

Represent your business.

Make your business appearance count. Posture, presence, and poise either underscore your business credibility or damage it. Is too much of advertising on social media hurting your business credibility? Look the part you want to be.

Connect with Customers.

People will care about you and trust you when you care about them. Consumers want to know that you are sympathetic. They also want to feel that you’ll fight for them and give them a better deal even though you may be less invested in their end results.

Make more repeat sales.

The #1 way to get more sales from more customers is to make and keep 1 customer happy. One customer at a time. Keep your promises. Deliver an outstanding customer experience. If customers value your service, they’ll return for more.

Follow up and ensure they're happy.

After receiving the VIP video call and closing the deal; courteously, ask the customer to follow up. Offer them new ideas and business intelligence about the industry. Keep them apprised of the latest changes in product/service developments.

Use VIP videos instead of Banner Ads or Text Ads.

Do you remember any search engine ads? Neither do your customers!

VIP Video will make you stick in the consumer's mind. Also, customers get to video-call you directly, on the spot. Sign Up.

Show off a product, in style.

If you sell a physical product, video is a powerful way to give people a sense of what the product is actually like, how it feels and what it’s made of. Do everything you can to showcase the product visually. For instance, if you sell furniture, a video can help convey its build quality.

Add a personal touch: de-mystify your business.

Video is one of the best ways to inject your personality into your marketing messages, build trust, and connect with viewers on an emotional level. Welcome visitors to your business, introduce your staff or film a ‘day in the life of’. This type of content will add personality and bring your business to life. This could help someone decide they'd like to do business with ‘people like that’.

Explain how to do something.

‘How to’ videos are a good way to give people some useful information, while also reminding them of your product. For instance, if you sell car shampoo, you could create a video explaining the best way to wash a car.

Incorporate music.

Audio-visual material ready for use by small businesses and non-profit organisations can be obtained and will endear you to your followers. It's all about the customer experience

Become memorable.

We’re exposed to thousands of marketing messages online every day. Most of them don’t even register.

Internet users are becoming increasingly “blind” to banner ads; our minds ignore them on a subconscious level. Even if text-based content manages to catch our attention, it’s highly unlikely we’ll remember it for long or act on it.

This isn’t the case with commercial video. We can ignore written copy, but we can’t ignore video. Your users are much more likely to remember and respond to videos than written content.

Wider reach.

One of the most important benefits of using video marketing is expanded reach. Video marketing gives you access to free, enormous traffic sources. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your business.

Upload new videos regularly.

Building a regular audience for your product videos isn’t easy, but can give your business prospects a big boost. Create new videos regularly and encourage people to subscribe via your channel.

Facilitate more sales.

Video can help with reducing “friction” which is essential to make more sales online. Build your customer base, one sale at a time. Bond with one customer and turn him into a repeat buyer. Audi-visual media help customers make better decisions about your business and products.

Reduce advertising costs.

One of the best advantages of video marketing is that videos you create will last for years and will get you more exposure with time. Use of audio visuals also helps you in winning the trust of the audience because they understand that it's time and resource-consuming to produce video presentations.

Share industry expertise.

You can use video to provide commentary on industry news, or to offer detailed information about your industry. This can help build your reputation and can form a key plan of any your business public relations efforts.

Rich media content.

Video is known as rich media content and it can boost customer engagement, increase the time spent on them and help convert sales. Used with purpose, video can transform your business into a dynamic, interactive activity for you and your customers and will attract repeat visits..

Allow for consumer laziness.

Video allows users be lazy. They can sit back, relax and consume the message you’ve packaged for them without much effort. Simply adding video in your advertising campaign could increase conversions by up to 80%.

Bring testimonials to life.

Many companies use written testimonials on their websites. But you can create more interest and authenticity if you interview people or invite customers to upload videos of them using your products.

Displaying customer testimonials is crucial to bolster your credibility and increase the likelihood of visitors becoming customers.

Satisfy your customers.

Marketing online presents unique challenges: visitors aren’t always able to see how your product works, they can’t feel it with their own hands, and, if you’re selling apparel, they can’t try it on beforehand.

Using video can help you overcome those challenges and convert more visitors into buyers. You can show your product or service in use instead of telling users about how it works. It’s easier for users to visualize what you’re selling and how using it could help them.

Meet Your Customers, Live. Now.

Pick one of your best products/services

Step 1

Write down its benefits and why it's worth having

Step 2

Shoot a 3-minute video like this one

View An Example

Step 3

Create a free account and upload the video

To sign for a free account: Click Here

Choose your target audience and other specifics.

Allow us to share and promote your product video.

We host your video, share it and facilitate videocalls directly to you.

Relax now and wait for buyers to videocall you directly.

Contacting you directly from our website through video calls.

Relax now and wait for customers to videocall you directly.

Meet your customers/prospects live and close the deal.

Repeat Steps 1 to 3. Sign up with a free account.

Vipleyo: Helps your business provide full product information to consumers via video and direct videocalls.

YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Social Media...etc = help businesses with placing online ads - bits and chunks of calculated upsells to entice online prospects.

Vipleyo: Video platform for hosting and sharing product videos and connecting business/shoppers Live.

YouTube/Vimeo/DailyMotion/MetaCafe = Video platform for hosting and sharing videos about entertainment, mostly music and movies.

Vipleyo: The best online video platform for businesses: FREE of clutter and randomly-rendered video content.

YouTube/Vimeo/DailyMotion/MetaCafe = Random people watching random videos and video-ads at the same time. All videos are entertainment-themed.

Vipleyo: I meet and see customers Live and close deals.

Meet the Customer, Live. Create Excitement. And Sell, Today.

Unlike social media sites with ads from anonymous people; confused with a million more of the same. Nobody cares if you're hiding behind ads

Vipleyo: You will receive video calls from customers and make sales.

With them: robotic software give an impression that your ads are being engaged while you keep investing huge sums in "advertising".

Vipleyo: Share files & pictures, list & blog, video- & text chats, sell/buy/collaborate...from one convenient site.

With them, each site is specifically designed and oriented towards a form of entertainment. Your business is NOT entertainment, unless it really is!

Vipleyo: We're solving the increasing problem of Internet Anonymity by bridging the gap with a Live Video Platform.

They are worsening the situation by tracking users, encouraging identity pausing and intrusive advertising.

Meet The Customer

Atholl Palace Hotel

Meet online customers, live, face to face.


The Four Seasons Hotel

Establish a relationship, get personal. NOW.


The Gleneagles Hotel

Turn prospects into loyal customers ~ 289% ROI.

Your Business

Set up my business profile.

Your customers are waiting to see what you have to offer. Eliminate UNCERTAINTY with video-ads. Reach the right people, Right now.

We email-broadcast your Videos/Ads to the Right Targets. You lead to Conversion and Sales. Plus, you get the Engagement & Feedback Analytics.


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What is a VIP?

A VIP is not a What. It is a Who. A VIP is a user on, a potential lead, sales target or customer who has indicated that they are ready to be contacted by us on behalf a business with a video/video ad link on a subject matter they might be interested in. And they get paid in our Revenue-Sharing program to view and share your business video. And they, themselves, may be a potential customer.

Our Analytics tell us how many people watched your video/video ad, how many clicked the video ad link. You determine the conversion and sales on your side. The concept is a new, powerful way to advertise and NOT leave your advertising campaigns stranded in "Uncertainty" Land. Know for sure who is interested in your offers.

So what is the process?

1. Sign up and upload your business video/video ad. Personalize it. 2.Pay the fee for how many you want to view and share your video. 3. We will broadcast your video to users who have indicated that they are interested in your type of offer! 4. Your video will be viewed and shared by thousands. 5. Lead to Action and Convert to Sales! Go ahead, try Vipleyo .

How do I pay and what payment types do you accept?

First, sign up for a free account and upload the video. Click Here. Inasmuch as we are strictly a for-profit company, we do believe consumers deserve better engagement than the non-stop, uninformative online ad campaigns.

Send all payments via PayPal (You don't need a paypal account): Click Here. Your order will be processed and you'll be set up immediately.

Can I get a refund after uploading my video?

Every time you buy anything online, be it a mobile phone from a mate or a week in Cuba from a travel agent, you make a contract with the seller. In this case, both you and the seller, Vipleyo, agree to Vipleyo terms and conditions. We conduct business according to US Laws & Consumer Protection Rights.

Therefore, look at the uploaded video as an exponentially better version of a video ad. To us we have only one customer: You. We'll do our best to please you. We strive to build our customer base one customer at a time.

But we offer multiple ways to reset your profile or upload new videos. That said, if we can't agree on how to help you, we'll refund. Period.

Sign Up. Now.

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