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It’s hard to truly get into the flow when your downward-facing dog brings you up close and personal with a mat that’s seen better days. Once you’re past the “guess I’ll give it a go” yoga stage and are into the “this has changed my life” stage (normally about a week) a portable yoga mat makes a lot of sense, especially when you don’t need to spend more than £7. If you fancy spending a bit more on your newfound passion there are a host of designs and styles to brighten up your yoga sessions that will make you want to savasana all day long.

Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat

When one mat simply won’t do you can turn to, sorry, turn over this reversible wonder which comes in ten colour combinations to suit most tastes. The cushioned top layer absorbs moisture to help maintain traction if challenging poses make you sweat a little, while an antimicrobial treatment helps to stifle nasty mould and smells.

Buy from Lululemon | £48

Core Balance Foam Yoga Mat

If you’re starting to dabble in yoga but want to graduate from the communal mats without breaking the bank, this bargain is for you. The spongy foam material helps to cushion your bony bits during difficult sun salutations and the non-slip surface offers support during stretching. A handy strap is included for easy transportation, and it’s available in a range of fresh colours.

Buy from Amazon | £7.99 (plus £2.99 delivery)

Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat

If you’re slip sliding all over the place on a studio’s mats, this option could make all the difference. The latex material delivers more grip than others, enough to make a difference in even the sweatiest of Bikram sessions. It’s also light enough to easily tote to classes, and the chic aubergine colour will match any gym wardrobe.

Buy from Sweaty Betty | £65

Adidas Yoga Mat

There aren’t many yoga mats which look nice enough to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your decor, but this raw white mat is one of the few. The understated design is complemented by an anti-slip PVC-free fabric to help you master your poses in comfort, and the carry string means you can keep your hands free to sip a matcha latte on your way from the studio to the office.

Buy from Adidas | £34.95

Liforme Yoga Mat

This mat may be expensive, but boy does it deliver bang for its buck. Boasting the “grippiest material available on Earth” even when wet, it should see serious yoga warriors through all types of practices. The alignment map in the design works as a navigational guide to help develop your skills and with a few inches more than your average yoga mat, it gives you the space to move freely. It’s also PVC-free and biodegradable, and there’s a neat carry bag included.

Buy from Liforme | £100

Manduka eQua Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

We’re glad this mat is exceptionally portable – it’s so thin it can be folded to fit into your suitcase – because we think the cool tie-dye print is best unfurled on a beach in Ibiza. Other features of note include a part-recycled towel microfibre top that becomes slip-resistant when wet (very useful for the beach and hot yoga) and a base made from sustainably-sourced rubber. Now you just need to book those flights.

Buy from The Sports Edit | £48.95

So We Flow… Jute Yoga Mat

Calling all nature lovers. This mat is made from a durable vegetable-fibre blend which, once it’s broken in, offers exceptional traction for your flow. The 5mm thickness allows you to feel the floor, which will help when you need to root down, and the grips on the base will keep the mat in place on a range of surfaces.

Buy from Yoga Studio | £40

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