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A New Way of Life in 2016

Happiness is a journey. It is not a destination or a thing to be attained or learned. It is there...within you. While there is no set formula for it...some things add up to being happy and help us maintain that state as long as we can.

1. Simplicity - be simple, live simply and have simple people around you.

2. De-clutter - The lesser the better. More things mean more chaos. And sometimes more, money means more problems to solve! Have less people and less things in life. But make those less more by adding meaning to those.

3. Positivism - surround yourself with positive things and positive people. Understand that there is lot of negativity around but staying positive helps in being hopeful and hope leads to happiness.

4. Family and friends - Place immense emphasis on family and friends, because these can make a huge contribution in my life. Family supports us like no one else does and friends understand the best. But while we can not choose our family, we can certainly choose our friends, so choose wisely.

5. Contentment - being ambitious is good but one can stay content while being ambitious. Personal growth is essential and more important than professional growth. When we focus on personal growth as an individual, we learn that life is to meant to be lived and not raced.

6. Intrinsic (not extrinsic) - remember happiness is intrinsic. It depends more on internal factors and less on externals.


The End for this week.


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