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By Rick Parrot

You won’t find a bigger supporter of Hillary Clinton than me. Sure, I stumped for Barack Obama in 2008, and for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary, but I have always been steadfast in my belief that Hillary Rodham Clinton had the judgment and experience to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States (unless there were some technical way in which Bernie Sanders could still pull it off). So it is as one of Clinton’s biggest supporters that I say to her now: your work here is done. It is time for Hillary Clinton to disappear from our magazine covers and our television screens, and gracefully retire from public life. Ideally, taking all other women with her.

What’s included in this book:

  1. Hillary Clinton: who is she really?
  2. Leadership lessons from a loser.
  3. Without Grace
  4. Crimes of the Oligarchy
  5. The vices of entitlement
  6. Pride Goeth Before She that falleth
  7. Sins of the Mothers

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