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Find. Share. Earn. Learn. Laugh. Live. Love. Connect. Transact....More

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What can you do with this?

Share your world

With the rest of the world. Reach out, share issues and discuss solutions.

Visit 196 Live Channels.

196 countries. Discover what is going on in other places with people like yourself.

Money. Fun. Adults

Contact people. Exchange with people. Converse with people.

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Proprietary Mobile Technologies

Multi-Way Video Chat. Video Recorder. Proprietary Sharing. Rally Video...

Chat/GroupChat/Text Chat

You can use lifr App to phone, text, chat, groupchat and make video calls.

Find Jobs/Gigs/Career-Network

Briefly describe what you are interested in. Be readily reachable by recruiters.


Find. Share. Earn. Learn. Laugh. Live. Love. Connect. Transact...

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lifr - Share your world with the rest of the world


Safe and Secure

A seamless Onboarding process.

Make Money

Promote yourself. Market yourself. Sell yourself.


Mobile-based or Google-based.


Standard & Push Notifications. Get to know people in your neighborhood or town are talking about.


Converse with real people & attract attention to issues & solve problems with @mentions, @follow


Direct Messages

Seamlessly communicate via Direct messages. Call Now/Text/Video-call your buddies, meet people...etc

Message Retention

All messages are retained or deleted depending on user settings and choices.


Search is an important part. Full Text search using all channels is allowed.

Online Status

Shows Online/Offline/Active/Inactive Users anywhere, anytime.

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